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CIT Face Roller Basic

AED 349.50 - AED 571.37 CIT Face Roller Basic

Intensive Stretch Marks Eraser™

AED 479.90 - AED 956.06 Intensive Stretch Marks Eraser™

Lash & Brows Enhancer

AED 299.90 - AED 599.80 Lash & Brows Enhancer

WrinklEraser™ BASIC

AED 349.50 - AED 587.78 WrinklEraser™ BASIC

Intensive Stretch Marks Eraser™

AED 479.90 - AED 956.06
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About âme pure®

Our goal is quite simple: to help individuals of all ages achieve beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. We have decided to approach that objective through the most systematic, effective and safe way that was available to us: by bringing exclusive, clinic-only treatments within reach of the average user, to enjoy from the comfort of home. We combine the use of medical devices together with highly specialized skin formulations. This offers maxium rejuvenation results all the while maximising the absorption of actives, far beyond any other treatment seen before. We wanted to make premium-quality natural skincare available to all who are seeking to safely improve the quality of their skin with a method that has demonstrated proven results.

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